Definitive guide to cure a hangover

guidelines to get rid of hangover

A hangover is caused by drinking alcohol in excess, showing symptoms such as discomfort, nausea or headache, which can be healed quickly with the next recommendations:

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Drinking two cups of black coffee without sugar, because coffee reduces swelling of blood vessels that cause headache and helps the liver to metabolize their toxins;

Take 1 hangover remedy Engov as, for example, which helps to limit the surf indications such as headache and nausea. 

Know what great pharmacy drugs to improve the symptoms of hangover.

Take plenty of water , because alcohol causes dehydration, so it must be taken several glasses of water throughout the day;

Taking a natural fruit juice, as these juices have a type of sugar called fructose helps the body burn alcohol faster. A large glass of orange juice or tomato also helps to hasten the elimination of alcohol in the body;

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Food Honey biscuits, because honey likewise has a concentrated form of fructose, which helps to extract alcohol from the body;

Take a vegetable soup, which helps to restore the potassium salt and the body suffered during alcohol consumption, overcoming the hangover;

Blend 1 cup of water between each alcoholic drink and drink water before going to sleep, and wake up drink a cup of good strong coffee without sugar.

Why do I surf?

The drinking alcohol needs to be transformed in the liver acetic acid to be removed from the body. 

For this, it has to be changed first to acetaldehyde, an even more toxic element that alcohol.

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As the liver long delay to make this change, alcohol and acetaldehyde in the body remain circular until they are changed in acetic acid.

Acetaldehyde is in various body organs, operating toxicity and causing hangover symptoms. 

Moreover, while the metabolism of an alcohol exaggeration, the body does not allow the blood sugar so competently, causing hypoglycemia.

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The alcohol also makes more water is extracted from the body and this can cause dehydration.

What happens to our body when we drink too much?

Understood with gastrocirurgião Alexandre Sakano, excess alcohol raises the level of blood alcohol. So many bodies need metabolize it more lightly than usual.

The body responsible for metabolizing alcohol is the liver. However, he only meets metabolize on average one alcoholic drink per hour - then, to make this cycle, just making and releasing several toxic substances to the body that maximize the hangover.

"The liver proportional only proportional to metabolize alcohol 10 grams per hour, which is less than a glass of wine or 300 ml of beer, which has about 12 grams of alcohol," the nutrition specialist Leônidas Neto.

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Another body shaken by alcohol exaggeration is the pancreas responsible for producing insulin and enzymes of digestion. According to Alexander Sakano, alcohol alters how the glucose is metabolized, contributing to hypoglycaemia, ie the decrease of blood glucose level.

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