How to stop feeling like a loser

Looks like we have the solution of your problems if you follow the seriously

Find the beginning of these thoughts. If you take a bit to think about why you feel a failure and try to get to the smallest details. 

An example, you may feel that way because it took 5 in a test or because they forgot to return the call from a close friend or relative who considers too.

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Find out if there is something to be done to change those thoughts.

Check action you can take in the next five minutes. Sometimes the sense of failure comes when we walked in bitterness before a specific task or some event that you embarrass.

You may see a lot of work that seems impossible to do and can not think of a way to do it. A good way is to find one that you can take to recover in 3 minutes and take action.

Let's say that your room is a mess, and you do not clean and tidy nothing for weeks. Here's a quick thing to do, like taking the clothes thrown on the floor or pass a cloth in movéis. 

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Soon to think of something, start doing immediately.
Go with small gestures and then moving to larger ones. 

The action of the act creates excitement, you will feel better to do something positive.

Get rid of your negative thoughts. Put everything bad that you have thought of a sheet of paper. Please minute details to see what exact what takes place in you.

After you finish writing, loved the paper and throw it in the trash. (If you can burn also recommend)

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This exercise will help you get rid of negative thoughts. Put them in aid of words and see them more objectively and to distance them.

Ask yourself to stop. Remember the word "stop" when the negative views are initiated in your head. Do not allow yourself to take them forward, because this way the thoughts you win. 

Make head stop because you are the boss and go get distracted by something else
Maybe you need to talk "stop" all the time, but the need will become less frequent over time.

Distract yourself with something to avoid negative thoughts. One idea is to see songs of letters in other languages, learning to cook or faxinar the yard

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A story of failure, which gave a comeback

Eben Pagan is one of the world speakers and one of the highest paid. It has sold more than 100 million dollars of its courses.

However it was not always all this success. Eben not even finished college and lived for a while in a trailer working as a realtor.

He was a person failed with his life. I wanted to find a way to make a 1 people give a dollar to him - so he would be a millionaire. This was his goal: get out of poverty and be very rich.

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However for a long time, he found himself a failure. This feeling, however, not held to move forward with your life. Until he merely "stumbled" in what would be his major turning point in life.

Besides being very poor, Eben was also a genuine failure with women. Then he decided that he would learn how to conquer women, how to seduce them.

What did he do? He began to surround himself with men who were experts in the conquest. Read several books on how to understand the mind of women and was joining this knowledge with their practical experiences.

With all this learning, Eben one day he realized that there were thousands (if not millions) of men who, like him in the past, had no chance in time to win a woman.

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Then he began to teach them about the mysteries of achievement. The result? His books and training has earned him more than $ 100 million in the last 10 years. Not bad for whom he felt a failure is not it?

The story is one of thousands of examples we have of people who were 100% failed and built its way to success.

Success and money are not things that will knock on your door. You need to walk, hard to overcome obstacles and persevere in what we believe make a difference in the world. To paraphrase the Rocky Balboa: "The important thing is not how hard you hit but how you pick up life and still goes on."

Find yourself a failure is normal. It's human. So welcome (a) to the real world of successful people because they insisted on their dreams.

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Below are 10 acts of self-esteem when we failed to feel.

1. Forgive yourself

The ability to forgive is the greatest gift we give ourselves to help us recover from our mistakes and regrets.

Instead of blaming yourself for not knowing before what now seems so obvious, looks like a work in progress and give yourself the gift of forgiveness.
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2. Be autocompassivo.

Self-pity is perhaps the element more significance self-esteem and resilience.

It was believed to think that achievement and success - rising above normal - was the way to high self-esteem.

However, this path to self-esteem is relative and ensures that anyone below normal is not as worthy or happy. Self-pity gives everyone with high performance as well as people with low performance, ensuring that they are worthy of love anyway, without conditions.

3. Stop judging.

Retain the labels you put on you is an act of self-love. Instead of finding "failed", to be more specific and less global.

The failure does not define you and your value. Change your self-talk of "I am a failure" to "I could not make things work" or "I made some mistakes and I will use this experience as steps hereafter."

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4. Turn your failures into goals.

Instead of "I failed in my marriage," you can say "I had trouble communicating in my marriage and I'm learning how to talk better now."

The first statement is moored in the past and can not be changed during the second takes a look into the future and is more empowering for what you can do with it now.

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5. Give a hug himself.

Instead of allowing your inner critic have the whole reign, how about just giving a hug?

We all need hugs sometimes - mainly from ourselves! You do not deserve? Yes, I'm sure.

6. Imagine yourself as a small child, full of innocence and beauty.

Please be aware that there babies and children failed or have no value. We have the same magnitude that we had when we were born.

Sometimes we need to look behind the wounds to see that the jewelry mine is still within us.

No matter how much we miss and try our value remains the same and we are still beautiful.

7. Change your mind from being a victim to being a winner.

When you feel a mistake, sees itself as a victim of the past, rather than see on their resilience and capacity to move forward.

After all, what matters is not how many times we are defeated and failed - what really matters is how many times we stand and try again, becoming wiser.

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8. Become more aware.

Mindfulness is not just about meditating or breathing very deep and silently, in isolation. 

It becomes fully stable in our daily lives, with an awareness that does not judge in whatever thing you do.

When we are fully aware, we remain rooted in the present, instead of seeing to our mistakes incurred or to fret about the future. As the saying goes: "Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present!"

9. Use something solid to calm you

sometimes need something concrete to reassure us when we are ill.

Use real objects that help to entertain and calm yourself can provide soothing touchstones.

A diary, a stress ball, a polished stone reminds you of your own body oils and value are examples of things that can be used within a soothing cash and used to calm him when believing down.

10. Aggregate up with others.

When individuals feel failures often turn away, closing instead of opening up to others.

Find social support is one of the preferred choices you can make when you feel defeated. 

Have the look of someone else will help you stop the tunnel vision that alters their view of themselves.

Ask for assistance, have the courage to open rather than close, will open the way not only to avoid solitude, but also penetrated their links with others.

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These ten action projects to defeat feelings of failure will serve as a springboard for a resilient and full life. 

As applied in the failure that comes with the fall, be proud that you dared to pursue their dreams with courage and enthusiasm to move.

To refer to Winston Churchill,
"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

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